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​Single-6 State Area
Double-6 State Area
Triple-6 State Area
Home Run-6 State Area
Troll Foods Products                   MN, ND, SD, IA, WI, IL
Troll Foods can supply any order that you desire.  However, to provide the best value in regard to shipping, we recommend the following packages.  
2 (18 oz) squeeze bottles of Baron's  Barbeque Sauce shipped to you directly.  We believe that you will only order this volume one time... because after you try our product, you will want it in larger quantities.  Total: $15.75 ($5 per bottle w/$5.75 S & H)
6 (18 oz) squeeze bottles i.e. half a case of Baron's Barbeque Sauce.  Share it with your friends, relatives, or neighbors.  OR... just be greedy and use it all yourself.  After all, you were the one who discovered such a  great product - who says you need to share?  Total: $37.35 ($5 per bottle w/$7.35 S & H)
A whole case (12- 18 oz bottles) of Baron's Barbeque Sauce. Okay.. now you're just bragging if you don't share this... What the heck - brag all you want!!  This offers the best deal on the squeeze bottle price.  Total : $70.30 ($5 per bottle w/$10.30 S & H)
Have a graduation party or wedding coming up?  Order Baron's Barbeque Sauce by the gallon.  At $30.00 per gallon, this is the best price for large quantities.  Total : $39.40
($30 per gallon w/$9.40 S & H)
We are Pay Pal certified for all web orders.
These shipping and handling rates apply to the following states:  Minnesota, North Dakota, South Dakota, Iowa, Wisconsin, and Illinois.  Please refer to the lower portion of the page for the remaining 42 continental states.
Remaining 42 Continental States (slightly higher S & H)
​Single-Remaining States
Total: $18.85
​Total: $42.45
Triple-Remaining States
Total: 77.45
Home Run-Remaining States
Total: $42.45
If you need a specific order not listed on this page, please call or e-mail us for information.
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